The Metro Crash Map is a mapping tool that compiles and displays information about motor-vehicle related crashes in the Portland metropolitan region.

Data Source

Crash information is collected statewide by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and aggregated and geocoded (mapped) by the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Crash Analysis and Reporting Unit. Metro processes this data for the Portland metropolitan region and supports this map for public access to the information.

User Options

The Metro Crash Map visualizes the relative number of crashes across the region and allows you to customize the types of crashes shown.
Crashes can be classified according to: Placing the cursor over a Settings option will show a brief description of the option. These are described in more detail in the Definitions section.
There are two heat map color schemes (“Colors”). Options for a street map or aerial photo background can be selected in the upper-right corner of the window.
Advanced users can further classify crashes according to:

Map Display

A heat map reflects the number of crashes of the user-specified setting(s) occurring at a given location, relative to the overall map. The Settings box displays the relative percentage of crashes in the map represented by a given setting, which changes dynamically as you select settings or change the map zoom level. As you zoom in or out, the heat map updates dynamically, as crashes become grouped together based on the zoom level and the relative scale changes with the new viewing area. Placing the cursor over a group of crashes will display the number of crashes in that location based on the setting(s) you have specified. The number is based on a pre-defined search “radius” that includes nearby crashes.


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